Qt5 widgets for desktop.
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Qt5 widgets for desktop. Easy API for writing you custom widgets. Automatic save data in config file. Support multi language. Support install widgets from ZIP archive.

Require Python >= 3.5 version.

DE problems

DeWidgets tested on XFCE, Mate, KDE, Unity.


Widgets no hidden in task manager and desktop space, just like normal windows.


Need disable checkbox

System Setting -> Window Management -> Adwanced -> Hide utility windows for inactive applications

Available widgets

  • Simple Notes - colored sticky sheets
  • Timer - multiple timers, popup alert and sound alarm
  • Minecraft Server Monitoring - show online MC servers statistics with query
  • Digital Time - show digital time and date
  • Crypto Note - low secure note as passowrd (AES-256)
  • CPU Info - show SPU information (load and freq)
  • RAM Info - show RAM and swap information
  • NET Stat - inet statistics

Commandline arguments

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit
  • -p PATH, --paths PATH - Load config for use custom components paths.
  • -c PATH, --create PATH - Create folders and files into the given path.

Example for user separation

DeWidgets -c /home/user/.dw

-c - creating folders and files, and/or using this path


  • stderr.log - stderr stream, not excepted errors
  • stdout.log - stdout stream, excepted errors, debug info, start and stop info, etc

Install and startup

pip3 install PyQt5  # or pacman -S python-pyqt5
pip3 install mcstatus  # or yaourt -S mcstatus
pip3 install pycrypto  # or pacman -S python-crypto
pip3 insrall psutil  # or pacman -S python-psutil
git clone https://code.intervi.fun/InterVi/DeWidgets.git
cd DeWidgets
python3 main.py


How to create ZIP widget

Archive structure:


Please, using unique module (*.py files) names.