Qt5 widgets for desktop.
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Qt5 widgets for desktop. Easy API for writing you custom widgets. Automatic save data in config file. Support multi language. Support install widgets from ZIP archive.

Require Python >= 3.5 version.

Documentation (will improved in future)

DE problems

DeWidgets tested on XFCE, Mate, KDE, Unity.


Widgets no hidden in task manager and desktop space, just like normal windows.


Need disable checkbox

System Setting -> Window Management -> Adwanced -> Hide utility windows for inactive applications

Available widgets

  • Simple Notes - colored sticky sheets
  • Timer - multiple timers, popup alert and sound alarm
  • Minecraft Server Monitoring - show online MC servers statistics with query
  • Digital Time - show digital time and date
  • Crypto Note - low secure note as passowrd (AES-256)
  • CPU Info - show SPU information (load and freq)
  • RAM Info - show RAM and swap information
  • NET Stat - inet statistics

Commandline arguments

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit
  • -p PATH, --paths PATH - Load config for use custom components paths.
  • -c PATH, --create PATH - Create folders and files into the given path.

Example for user separation

DeWidgets -c /home/user/.dw

-c - creating folders and files, and/or using this path


  • stderr.log - stderr stream, not excepted errors
  • stdout.log - stdout stream, excepted errors, debug info, start and stop info, etc

Install and startup

pip3 install PyQt5  # or pacman -S python-pyqt5
pip3 install mcstatus  # or yaourt -S mcstatus
pip3 install pycrypto  # or pacman -S python-crypto
pip3 insrall psutil  # or pacman -S python-psutil
git clone https://code.intervi.fun/InterVi/DeWidgets.git
cd DeWidgets
python3 main.py


How to create ZIP widget

Archive structure:


Please, using unique module (*.py files) names.